Must Haves On the Go! 👸👝

Happy New Year!

We’ve all been in a rush before.

And there are lots of things we forget, miss, and/or do wong wrong when we’re on a rush (especially when it’s for school or work early in the morning before you’ve had coffee). You can put concealer on your lips or smudge your mascara or forget to look alive and just seem dull and haggard. 🙍

I've been there. TOO MANY TIMES.

They say DIAMONDS are a girl’s best friend. Now I’m gonna show you the queen on the go’s best friends.




There are 5 items that I’m going to talk to you about, Well 6 if you include the cute af drawstring bag, but that’s not going to be in our session today. 

Mascara 👀

Mascara is my favorite. It makes your eyes stands out like damn and I’ve always admired people with long eyelashes. It makes you look alive, awake and enthusiastic. For strict schools or for minimalist queens, mascara is a go-to make-up product. Am I right? Of course I am, I come from a strict Catholic school lmao. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

The good thing about Maybelline Falsies Mascara is that it’s WATERPROOF, SCRATCH PROOF AND MAKES YOUR LASHES LONGER AND THICKER. It makes your lashes curl up and ON FLEEK!

Maybelline Volum’ Express The Falsies Mascara can be bought in local drugstores. (Link below)

Perfume 🌹

Who are we kidding? Sometimes taking a bath with body wash and using scented lotion ISN’T enough.

When you’re on the go and going places, whether important or not, perfume is the most important companion.It”s not a burden to carry and you can casually spray it on in the restroom and BAM! YOU’RE A WALKING ROSE NOW, HONEY! 


This, my queens, is my new perfume best friend.

Queens, meet Penshoppe All Day Pulse – Pink for Women.

I don’t even know how to describe the heavenly scent. I mean, noses and tastes differ but if you have an open mind, I recommend this!

Just one spray and you’re going to smell like flowers, candy and that best day that happened in 2013. I’m not even kidding. I’d even put it in emojis for y’all. 💐 🌷 🌹 🥀 🌻 🌼 🌸 🌺🌈🍓🍭 🍬.

Concealer 🕶

The bags under my eyes are Gucci. 👜

Well that may be true, but that sentence won’t cover up your big bags on selfies. I’m not saying that your imperfections make you ugly (even if I just suggested that). To clear everything up, concealer isn’t compulsory. If you wanna cover up your eyebags or “facial flaws”, concealer is for you.

I like to use Maybelline FitMe Concealer in the color 25 Medium.

I don’t have much experience on the different types of concealer so I’ll only give one advice. Find a shade about 1 to 2 shades lighter than your neck and always use the item i’m going to list after this to make sure you look natural asf.

Beauty Blender 🙂

Do I have to elaborate more?



I love highlight so much and I don’t know and don’t wanna explain why its important but for me it is. I love highlight too much. ✨



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